Project Published with Texte Zur Kunst


In collaboration with Eva Schach, I have published a project for #Poetry by Texte Zur Kunst.

In TZK’s Poetry issue (#103), it is repeatedly noted that the vast majority of what we write and read and transmit no longer happens via the printed page. Rather, the mobile device has become the central base for mediating the streams of language (and image-as-language) that we are producing and sharing in rapid surplus (unsent drafts, screenshots, social media commentary, group chats, messenger relays… etc.)

And so the question arises: What does language look like now, both as it appears onscreen and as contextualized by the tools that facilitate it? To help us visualize this, we asked a range of writers, artists, poets, editors, and other protagonists that come to mind when thinking of the art-poet spectrum, to each offer an image of what they’d currently take to be “poetry,” showing it as it appears on their personal phone (or other favored surface). Following, here, is what we received.

More details on the project and our work can be found here.