OURS: workshops on connectivity

ours2Alongside Josephine Heston, I am organizing a project entitled ours: workshops on connectivity. We initiated this project as a space for bringing together people who are interested in discussing and better understanding how we can be “intimate.” Those who participate may define “intimacy” in whatever way they see fit, keeping in mind that these workshops will be open to the public and we would like to make this an inclusive and safe space for all participants.

Those interested in participating will agree to work with a partner until January 23rd to develop a set of instructions or guidelines for developing “intimacy.” You will meet with us on the 23rd to discuss your guidelines and then lead one workshop using your guidelines during the weekend of January 28th-29th.

This communication and workshop plan may take any form and we encourage non-traditional methods of collaboration and instruction. We may create a small publication to compile and distribute all of the plans. Stay posted for additional details about the workshops and project.