I have published my writing online and in print with Artforum, The Brooklyn Rail, CUE Art Foundation, Hyperallergic, Performa, SFAQ / NYAQ / AQ, and other publications. I’ve also contributed to several exhibition catalogues. Below are links to some of the pieces I’ve written over the past few years.


Cathy Wilkes at MoMA PS1, Artforum, 2018

Sage Sohier at Foley Gallery, Artforum, 2017

A Receding Hairline, tongue taste appetite, v. 2, 2017 (print)

Justin Berry at Essex Flowers, Artforum, 2017 (print)

“Sequences VIII,” NYLO Living Art Museum (Reykjavik), exhibition catalogue, 2017 (print)

Hudinilson Jr., Jessica Mein, Vivian Suter at Simon Preston, Artforum, 2017 (print)

Tom Burckhardt at Pierogi, Artforum, 2017

“Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon,” New Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibition catalogue entries, 2017 (print)

Ian Wilson at KW, Berlin, The Brooklyn Rail, 2017

“La Terra Inquieta” (The Restless Earth), Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, La Triennale di Milano, exhibition catalogue entries, 2017 (print)

Brian O’Doherty in conversation with Mira Dayal, Performa Magazine, 2017

“Everything I Do Has the Smell of Digital”: Lorna Mills on Her Art, Hyperallergic, 2017

Doris Salcedo Captures the Weight of Mourning at the Harvard Art Museums, Hyperallergic, 2017

“Objects of common desire”: Karin Schneider at Dominique Lévy, Artcritical, 2017

On Refusal: Kameelah Janan Rasheed at A.I.R. Gallery, Voices on Contemporary Art (VoCA), 2016

Pius Fox: Visual Echo at Pablo’s Birthday, Two Coats of Paint, 2016

ruby onyinyechi amanze, NYAQ, 2016 (print)

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy: Broker at Postmasters, SFAQ, 2016

Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim, The Brooklyn Rail, 2016 (print)

Robert Polidori: Ecophilia / Chronostasis at Paul Kasmin, Aesthetica Magazine, 2016 (print)

Mall and Mosque: Authority Appraised and Approved / SOPHIA AL-MARIA, The Brooklyn Rail, 2016

Nalini Malani: In Search of Vanished Blood at the ICA Boston, SFAQ, 2016

Reveling in the Pleasure of Process and DIY Culture: Ethan Hayes-Chute at MIT, Hyperallergic, 2016

Bricks, Paper, Ceiling: O / U at P! and ROOM EAST, Aesthetica Magazine, 2016

Daydream from 2013 at CANADA, Brooklyn Rail, 2016

Human Ecology at Galeria Nara Roesler, Aesthetica Magazine, 2016

Subjective Contexts: Thomas Ruff at AGO, Artcritical, 2016

Theaster Gates: How to Build a House Museum at AGO, SFAQ, 2016

Repossession: Kader Attia, Tim Rollins and K.O.S., and Mickalene Thomas at Lehmann Maupin, art plus thought, 2016

Art, Religion, Commerce, and Other Fickle Forms of Devotion on Rachel Harrison at MoMA, Hyperallergic, 2016

One Wall, One Work: Walid Raad at Barbara Krakow, Arteidolia, 2016

Multigrain Dreams: Check All That Apply by era Dance Collective, NYAQ, 2016

More Than a Witness: Danny Lyon at the Whitney, NYAQ, 2016

Wilderness / Brian Brooks at The Kitchen, Arteidolia, 2016

Dust Settling: Yvonne Rainer Choreographs History at The Kitchen, Artcritical, 2016

“The Keeper,” New Museum Exhibition Catalogue, New Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibition catalogue entries, 2016 (print)

Tala Madani at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Hyperallergic, 2016

Stones, Beetles, and other Dislocated Remnants: False Narratives at Pierogi, NYAQ, 2016

Chromatic Chronicles: “Narrative Color” at List, Artcritical, 2016

Terence Koh: Bee Chapel at Andrew Edlin, NYAQ, 2016

Jorinde Voigt: Considerations in the Now at David Nolan, NYAQ, 2016

The Preservation of Desire: Amie Siegel’s “The Spear in the Stone” at Simon Preston, NYAQ, 2016

Jane Swavely: Admiration for the jungle, Two Coats of Paint, 2016

Human Interest: Portraits at The Whitney, Arteidolia, 2016

Drawing a Line: “A Constellation” at the Studio Museum in Harlem, Artcritical, 2016

Reevaluating Economic Conditions of Art Production, Bowdoin Journal of Art, 2016

The Future State of Things, Bowdoin Journal of Art, 2016

Purity or Pollution: Protection, Plastics & Religion in the Work of Sara Mejia Kriendler, Artcritical, 2016

Data Dance: Ode to an Information Theorist at The Kitchen, Artcritical, 2016

Sensing Absent Bodies: Amanda Turner Pohan at FiveMyles, Artcritical, 2016

(by exchange), Arteidolia, 2016

Interview: Samuel Draxler, Fairweather Magazine, 2015

Lessons Learned from Ralph Lemon at The Kitchen, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Nancy Morrow: Artist in Exile / Art as a Home, Two Coats of Paint, 2015

Interview: Daniel Silverstain, Fairweather Magazine, 2015

Interview: Plums, Fairweather Magazine, 2015

Concerning Sexual Performance at The Kitchen, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Cyclical Production: A Studio Visit with Joan Easton, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Barbara Siegel and the Birth of New Authors, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Understanding the PAST/present at A.I.R. Gallery, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Poetic Science Fiction, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Yvette Drury Dubinsky on “Tondos, Tornadoes, Torpedoes” at A.I.R. Gallery, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Post-Internet Windows, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Studio Visits, CUE Art Foundation, 2015

Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1, Fairweather Magazine, 2014